In search of the poetry of life

Marian Fountain personalises plants and vegetalises animals. She uses metaphor and comparison to explore life in all its forms.


The work of Marian Fountain travels from antiquity to the future. Through the simple glow of bronze and her ideas, she makes it possible to unite the merging of our memories and our hopes, to couple the mortal with the divine, the real with the dream.

She draws her inspiration from the expressions of her ancestors, from the treasures of humanity, interweaving her observation of nature with her sculptural gesture to speak of today’s challenges: the climate, and justice – the value of life on earth.

Marian uses natural shapes, simple, recognisable silhouettes: a fish, a leaf, peas, a woman’s body. But on the surface of these forms, traces of an underlying energy and movement are evoked through the fine relief of waves, camouflage and sometimes tattoos.

Each of Marian’s sculptures is a story in itself. As we turn around a sculpture there is often a surprise, where the human and the divine intertwine, or the plants seem animated by a vital force that holds us upright. In this generous microcosm, Marian Fountain shares with beauty and grace her meditative vision of what it is to be alive.

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